Precast Concrete Kerbstones in Hyderabad

Precast Concrete Kerbstones in Hyderabad: Our area unit celebrated in a concert of the outstanding curbstone Suppliers in the Republic of India. The unrivaled quality and best finished paving stone, Concrete curbing Stones have attracted numerous national moreover as international purchasers to position continual orders. to boot, customers area unit relieved with the provision of the Granite paving stone custom-built in varied sizes and dimensions as per the specifications provided.

Kerbstones Types:
Concrete Garden Edging Stone
Curved Paving Stones
Edging Stones
Floor Curb Stones
Concrete Curb Stone
Edging Curb Stones
Granite Curb Stone

Kerbstones suppliers in Hyderabad

Precast Concrete Kerbstones:Our vary of Concrete curbing Stone may be an excellent and chic replacement of bricks or alternative stone curbs. These Concrete Kerbs area units obtainable in numerous shapes, sizes, and suit the particular needs of our purchasers. Further, our vary is illustrious for its high aesthetic attractiveness and therefore, paving stone is employed for the decoration of road curbs and edges of footpaths.

We manufacture, offer and export an immense assortment of Kerbstones (Curb Stones) that area unit wide employed in the construction sector. The premium quality curbing Stones offered by America is termed because of the best obtainable within the market because of its convenience in numerous shapes and sizes.

different Color Range
Attractive smooth Looks
Different Dimensions sizes and shapes
Smooth area Surface Finish

Extensively and Mostly Used In:

Parking Areas
Interior and Exterior decoration
Public Places, Private Location

Area of expertise:
Indian class
First-class and Second Class finish
Standard making Process
Advanced Look and processing

Colors Available:
Grey Granite Kerbs
Black Kerbs
Grey Granite Kerbs
Rubber Granite Kerbs
Up to Clients requirements
Gardens, Parks


Thickness: 100mm
Length: 450mm
Height: 300mm
Material: Cement, stone aggregate, fly ash
Radius: 50mm


Easy to use
Long life

Pavers And Kerb Stones
Precast Concrete Kerbstones in Hyderabad: We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of an exclusive range of pavers and curbstones. Our pavers and kerbstones are made from qualitative raw materials as per the current market trends. Available in different shapes, sizes, and colors, our pavers are widely used for the flooring requirements of different places like houses, offices, institutes, etc Apart from these, we also provide kerbstones made of supreme quality raw material… Our range has perfect finishing and is used in various application areas. We also provide customization, as per the demands of our clients. Our pavers and kerbstones include grass pavers, concrete kerbstones, interlock pavers, vibrator pavers, granite kerbstones, concrete grass pavers, and tuff track grass pavers.

Vibrator Pavers are gaining much more importance than the hydraulically pressed pavers in all respects of strength, shapes, durability, and performance.

Sizes: Vibrator pavers are available in four sizes: 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm.

Considering the entire shortcoming prevalent in products being made by conventional techniques. for this curbing process that uses both vibration and compaction in high precision steel molds to deliver world-class products, Precast Concrete Kerbstones in Hyderabad.

Salient features:

High production-grade, uniformity, and long life.
Specification for Concrete Kerbstone:
Size and shape: as per client’s choice
Molding technique by hydraulic compression

Precast Concrete Kerbstones in Hyderabad: Designed using premium quality raw material, Kerb Stone is widely used in buildings construction. These are available in different sizes, finishes, and thicknesses as per the client’s demand. These stones are mostly used for enhancing the beauty of various parking places, gardens, landscaping, buildings, roads, and construction sectors. These products are reckoned amongst the clients for their durability and reliability.


Smooth Texture
Competitive prices
Abrasion and Corrosion Resistant

Kerbstones in Hyderabad

Product Details: Concrete curbstones

Available Material Cement & Concrete
Brand Bhadani
Head Shape Round
Color Gray
Usage/Application Sewerage, Drainage
Fostered with many years of industry experience, we are involved in offering Concrete curbstones. Our professionals manufacture concrete pipes with the aid of the latest techniques and excellent quality concrete in adherence to predefined quality norms.


Resistant to rust
High tolerance
Accurate dimension
Inquiry for Concrete curb

We are premium concrete curbstone manufacturers based in India, Gujarat, Vadodara. We offer Concrete curbstones for sale. You can use concrete kerbstones road curbs. We also do offer concrete curbstone online India. We do have large concrete curbstones for any size of an application. Our Kerbstones are manufactured with very high precision and accuracy moreover, with less cost.

concrete kerbstones sizes vary from size to size and requirement. Also, Concrete curb stones prices are dynamic as prices of Cement and metal changes every day but we promise to provide you at affordable rates

kerbstone weight depends upon grade you wish to take if you take lower grade and with less cost, then the weight will be 10 kg and if you take high-grade stone then it can reach up to 25 kgs.

We do sell concrete curbstones in Hyderabad

We have precast kerbstone which offers greater reliability and long durability with the expected life of more than 25 years

if you are looking for kerbstone for the road then you came to the correct place. Bhadani industries provide you best quality curbstones and at a very affordable rates Cost starts from Rs 50 per piece and we are talking about premium Stone. We have various designs of curbstones. if you are looking for small to large stones then we will be able to provide you
A Kerbstone is a constricted stone or a concrete solid which fix end to end with other solids to form a Kerb. It makes the drivers conscious of the pavements and greenery areas in demarcating roads, streets, car parks, etc. It makes a clear-cut view of the carriageway. Kerbstone helps in preventing any kind of spreading from the carriageway. Other than roads kerbstone had shown its excellence in creating lawn boundaries in houses and parks, edges along pavements, squares, car parks.

With tractable technology and the flying aspect components and materials, kerbstones ride era resistance to all weather conditions, mechanical loads and also against the chemicals used in road cleaning. Kerbstone helps in making a road utmost twice, correlated with a road without them. Kerbstone helps in retaining the structural integrity of roads, Kerbstone in Saudi Arabia follows this similar technique. Kerbstone is also known for creating a barrier between vehicles and pedestrians, Kerbstone in Rwanda is a good example of such roads.

Heterogeneous types Kerbstone that you can look for:

  1. Mountable Kerbs

They are also known as low Kerbs. These Kerbs promise the traffic to remain in the traffic lanes and also avow the driver to be in the restricted area with little difficulty. This Kerb allows the vehicle to climb easily because of its height of about 10 cm above the pavement edge. These are mainly laid at medians and channelization schemes, it also helps in longitudinal drainage.

  1. Semi-Barrier type Kerbs

Semi-barrier Kerbs are mainly laid where the pedestrian traffic is high. They have a height of about 15 cm above the pavement edge. These Kerbs prevent trespass of parking vehicles. But with slight difficulty, it is possible to drive on these Kerbs for any quick-witted emergency.

  1. Barrier-type Kerbs

Roads in foreign countries are far far better than ours. One of the reasons behind it is the construction method of their road. Barrier-type Kerbs will alarm vehicles from leaving the pavement. The pavement in Qatar is also following a similar technique. These are used in areas having less pedestrian traffic. Along with a steep batter they are placed at a height of 20 cm above the pavement edge.

  1. Submerged Kerbs

Submerge Kerbs are mostly preferred in rural roads. They are used on rural roads. Generally, these Kerbs are provided at pavement edges. Lateral confinement and stability to the pavement are its promising features.

  1. Extruded Kerbs

On long, straight highways extruded Kerb edging is commonly used. Extruded concrete Kerbstones are laid by a slip-form paver maker that makes the Kerb using its machine.

  1. Natural stone Kerb

It is not an easy task for repairing roads periodically. The only solution for this is to ensure your road with a better base. Especially highways are facing lots of problems in terms of the road. In that case usage of natural stone Kerb is an effective option even though it is costly.

  1. Pre-cast concrete Kerb

These are the pet in this Kerbing category because they are strong, reliable and comparatively cheap among Kerbs.

  1. Quadrants and angles Kerb

These are furnished to compliment straight and radius Kerbs. They are of different sizes and angles. Quadrant blocks can be cut to produce angles of less than 90°.

Other than this, there are also Kerbs used to enhance the visibility of a road. In the areas where visibility is restricted due to fog or extended rains, a high visibility Kerbing type is suggested. White marking or white cementing can be used for this purpose. Retro-reflective markings are also used by reflective Kerbs to improve the visibility of the road. This makes its use on lane edges at night and island Kerbs at intersections with a degree of night-time crashes.
A few special type Kerbs

Lightweight precast concrete Kerbs
High containment Kerbs
Bus stop Kerbs
Curb-drain systems
Aesthetic Kerbs
Block Paving Kerbs
In short, kerbstones provide clear physical and visual marking and delineation. It helps a biker an easy drive. Curbs are also available in different textures, colors, and standards. Natural Kerbstones are very hard, strong and long-lasting. Some stone Kerbs like Dura Kerb are lightweight and environment-friendly. It also possesses less maintenance costs.

Concrete curbs are essential for the physical and visual delineation of the roads and other trafficked areas. Marshalls’ precast concrete curbs are made from a wide range of materials and are suitable for many different applications in commercial and civic spaces.

For a contemporary textured finish, Charnwood concrete kerbstones contain larger sized aggregates in the concrete mix.

Precast Concrete Kerbstones in Hyderabad: curbs are ideal for traditional landscapes. With a wider profile than the standard kerbstones, they also have a natural warm appearance from the exposed Yorkstone aggregate and are available in two different shades.

More specialist concrete curbs are also available – Bus Stop and high containment curbs like the Titan are used to raise the pedestrian levels for more visible and effective delineation of road and pavement.

Precast Concrete Kerbstones  in Hyderabad
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