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Outdoor Children Play items:PlaygrounSMR Precast is India’s most trusted and innovative playground equipment manufacturer, supplier, importer & exporter. We supply a broad range of children’s equipment, children’s indoor and outdoor sports items, that grabsthe attention of the children. We are the leading outdoor playground equipment provider providing overall playground solutions. 

We also offer fitness solutions and inspire the children to undertake physical exercises regularly. Being a reliable and reputed supplier and installer of playground equipment, we SMR Precast always strive to provide safe and enjoyable playscape holistically. We are highly regarded in the Market for providing creative, imaginative, attractive solutions, and product delivery services.  

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Outdoor Children Play Items: We Manufacture and Supply in Hyderabad 

SMR Precast, established playground equipment provider in Hyderabad, brings innovative, functional, and fun equipment to your children’s playscape. We are committed to meet customer requirements by continuously improving the quality of its products. It aims to manufacture and supply products that are highly qualified, fairly priced, and delivered on time. 

We also specialize in designing and installing unique outdoor playgrounds. As a leading outdoor playground equipment manufacturer and supplier in Hyderabad and Secunderabad, we provide various outdoor children playground and outdoor fitness equipment including:  

  1. Trampoline
  2. Multi-station
  3. Kids see-saw
  4. Kids slides
  5. Mini house with slide
  6. Kids swing
  7. Spring action
  8. Kids merry go round
  9. Kids climber 
  10. Kiddies multi action play system
  11. Thrillers
  12. kids sports items
  13. Children fitness equipment
  14. Outdoor play garden benches
  15. Outdoor cement benches
  16. Outdoor Gym items

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We also manufacture and supply:

  • Animal dustbins
  • Concrete benches
  • Park benches
  • Kerb stones
  • RCC Fencing poles
  • PVC Tree guards
  • HUME pipes
  • RCC Tree guards
  • Readymade concrete bathrooms
  • Readymade concrete toilets
  • RCC flower pots and more!

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Outdoor Children Play Items in Hyderabad

At SMR Precast outdoor children play items manufacturer center in Hyderabad, we have put in years of research to understand what appeals to children and developed products accordingly to engage every child. 

As the most trusted playground equipment provider in Hyderabad, we always work on safety standards and incorporate a unique multi-sensorial dimension that is specifically designed to facilitate behavioral, cognitive, and motor development. Apart from these, we also address the social and emotional aspects of child development while incorporating multi-sensorial dimensions. 

We follow a holistic approach, which we consider as our revolutionary and significant contribution to the children as well as the society. Being one among the leading outdoor playground equipment manufacturer and supplier, SMR Precast produces state-of-the-art outdoor playgrounds, outdoor fitness gyms equipment, and safety flooring solutions, including: 

  • Adventure Series
  • Europa Series
  • Fantasia Series
  • Infinity Series
  • Medieval Series
  • Rainforest Series
  • Rope Climbers
  • Standalone Systems
  • WPC

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Why Consider Outdoor Playground Items? 

Today’s modern children spend most of their spare time by playing games on mobiles. This discards them from being socialized because it drags their complete attention and will not allow the children to move socially. But being addicted to mobile and other electronic devices affects their eyesight and causes few other medical issues.   

Playing physical games keeps the children socialized as they can move with other children. They are the best learning opportunities where a child can learn most of the soft skills, including personal skills, social skills, communication skills, subject knowledge, etc. They help the children to attain physical, mental, and social communication development skills, well-being knowledge. 

It is a fundamental part of the curriculum for young children’s physical, cognitive, and emotional development. Outdoor play equipment are of three types, including traditional, modern, and creative. Our outdoor playing equipment brings new experiences, including sliding, swinging, and climbing to your children. 

Our outdoor playground equipment has a major effect on the children’s overall well-being. All our outdoor services are very much familiar with nature and tailored to meet the needs of children. They emphasize daily opportunities to develop their physical skills and also to express themselves without any fear.   

Why Choose Us As Your Playground Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier?

SMR Precast, best playground equipment manufacturer and supplier in Hyderabad, India offers modern playground recreational equipment including seesaw, merry-go-round, swingset, slide, jungle gym, chin-up bars, sandbox, spring rider, trapeze rings, playhouses, and mazes. All our outdoor playground equipment helps the children develop physical coordination, strength, and flexibility, as well as providing recreation.  

Our modern play equipment also encompasses multi-play structures slides, swings, climbers, monkey bars that are interconnected with other equipment to form multi-play equipment at reasonable and affordable rates. All our outdoor playground equipment items are creative, interesting, and challenging.  

At SMR Precast, one of the leading playground equipment manufacturers in Hyderabad, we believe that play should be educational while keeping kids active at the same time. Modern playground equipment has been completely redesigned and re-engineered to maximize the number of fun kids and youngsters.

Our USPs

  • Fully licensed and well-established playground equipment manufacturer and supplier company in Hyderabad  
  • Specialists involved in manufacturing and supplying of outdoor playground items 
  • Highly skilled and experienced staff
  • Also serve commercial, industrial, and residential sectors 
  • Entire care from start to end 
  • Round the clock services  
  • Services are professional and hassle-free
  • Lower response time
  • Higher customer satisfaction 
  • Professional services at an affordable cost 
  • Backed by a Pool of Experienced professionals 
  • Staffed by Trusted employees (verified)who assures safety at all stages 
  • On-time delivery of services in Hyderabad and Secunderabad areas 
  • Affordable charges for the service provided and products sold 

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