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Saucer Drains Are The Calamity Preventers, and SMR Precast Gives You The Right Solution Saucer Drain Manufacturers in Hyderabad

Saucer Drain Manufacturers Hyderabad: Saucer Drains are meant to collect the overflow waters that are caused due to storms, mostly in the pedestrian areas and parking lots where the damage possibilities are high. The saucer drains made by SMR Precast are constructed by professionals with additional holes within to discharge the collected stormwater to another discharge system. 

Let’s give you a clear insight about into what SMR Precast has to offer you with its Saucer Drains. 

Curve Square Saucer Drain Suppliers Hyderabad, Features of Drains Offered by SMR Precast

To help you understand the efficacy and importance of saucer drain, here are some of the features explained in brief:

  • The saucer drains with SMR Precast are available in the solid and perforated form. Solid saucer drains do not come with holes on the top and are completely sealed to contain the overflow waters from one passage and are exited into another drainage zone. The perforated saucer drains have holes within the let the stormwater directly drain onto the chamber and travel through the drains to the drainage passage. Perforated saucer drains are useful for keeping the streets clear from water blockage issues and is faster in eradicating the overflow water from busy areas. 
  • The saucer drains offered by SMR Precast come with a shuttering finish and are made out of joint less FRP Moulds with the integration of the compaction process. 
  • They are available in various sizes and shapes to meet the requirement of the location where it is to be implemented. The commonly preferred saucer drains come with a width of 450mm to 600mm. 
  • Saucer drains are installed in combination with kerbstones and is spread across the road length. 
  • This drainage system has been given the name of a saucer because of its saucer shape that allows streamlined water flow. 
  • Precast saucer drains are durable and robust
  • to withstand environmental conditions and requires less maintenance over other materials such as concrete. 

Why Choose SMR Precast for the Saucer Drains?

SMR Precast has the right solutions for the select areas and has a team of experts to look out for the essential needs of the property owners. The malls, parking lots, and other such regions that usually face problems due to water blockage after heavy rainfall or storm can be helped with the saucer drains offered by us.

We will make sure to implement the saucer drainage system in the right possible manner to help you get rid of that water blockage hassle. Moreover, our pricing is also affordable and reasonable as compared to the market. So, you can definitely put your trust in us for your saucer drain requirements. 

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If you were looking for precast saucer drains for so long, put an end to your wait as SMR Precast is here to help you out with the right solutions. We are renowned suppliers of solid and perforated saucer drains along with kerbstones to ensure proper construction and effective outcome. Check out our website for more associated information about saucer drains.