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As a prominent & leading Best Kerbstone Manufacturer in Hyderabad; SMR Precast is supplying all types of indoor and outdoor concrete blocks and parking tiles, roadside pavement stones, durable precast concrete blocks, kerbstones on different sizes and dimensions, within different colors based on the client requirements. As a bulk Kerbstone supplier in Hyderabad, SMR Precast is offering all types of kerbstones for interior works of residences and shopping malls, parks, road construction, pavement, sidewalks, outdoor garden with high-quality standard strength, durability and corrosion & weather resistance based those ideal for outdoor and indoor use. 

About SMR Precast: Hyderabad’s Best Kerbstones and precast concrete blocks manufacturers & suppliers in India in cost-effective prices

SMR Precast as best concrete blocks and kerbstones manufacturer in Hyderabad, minding the diverse requirements and all highly demanded features of kerbstones including exquisite designs, smooth finish and glossy look with qualities like withstanding the extreme heating, wind force, rain, humidity, snow conditions, and few more internal and external conditions.

Different Types Of Kerbstones in Hyderabad:

SMR Precast, the best kerb manufacturer and supplier in Hyderabad are providing a wide range of kerbstones for your indoor and out requirement. These kerbstones enhance the looks and appearance of roads, fencing, surrounding buildings, parks, and gardens. Browse here all types of kerbs stones available in Hyderabad:

  1. Rectangle Shaped Kerbs
  2. Precast Concrete Kerbs
  3. Round Shaped Kerbs
  4. Granite Stone kerb
  5. High containment kerbs
  6. Bus Stop Kerb
  7. Public Places kerbs
  8. Garden kerbs
  9. Multiplexes kerbs
  10.  Roadside kerbs 
  11. Rubber Moulded Kerbs
  12. Fibre Moulded kerbs
  13. Iron Moulded kerbs
  14. Heavy Weight kerbs
  15. Street Kerb Stones.

Available Kerb Stone Sizes and Dimensions:

  • 600mmX300mmX100/115m
  • 600 x 325 x 150/115m (Round)
  • 600 X380 X100/115mm
  • 600 x 400 x 110/115m (Straight)
  • 600 x 400 x 110/115m (Taper)
  • 600 x 400 x 110/115m (Taper)

Other Kerbs sizes and dimensions:

  • 600 x 300 x 110mm
  • 450 x 450 x 110mm
  • 450x450x150mm
  • 450x250x150mm

Where to Use SMR Precast’s Kerbstones in Hyderabad

SMR Precast kerbs and precast concrete blocks are an excellent replacement to the traditional stones and high-cost marbles, compound walls, fencing walls, etc. due to their fine textured finish and swan sides, features.

  1. Construction Fields, 
  2. Outdoor areas, 
  3. Gardens, 
  4. Theme Parks,  
  5. SideWalks at Schools, 
  6. SideWalks at Colleges, 
  7. Resorts, 
  8. Villas, 
  9. Real Estate Ventures, 
  10. Government offices, 
  11. Private offices, 
  12. Multiplexes, 
  13. Public areas,
  14. Theatres,
  15. Busstand,
  16. Railway station,
  17. Airports,
  18. Pavements & Lawns,
  19. Villas,
  20. Farmhouses,
  21. Restaurants,
  22. Dhabas & parking providers,
  23. Hospitals,
  24. Stadiums,
  25. Playgrounds,
  26. Recreation clubs and many more indoor and outdoor places. 

“As one of the top manufactures of kerbs in Hyderabad India, SMR Precast is with the state-of-the manufacturing unit as per the set industry norms, supplying and exporting all types of kerbs, durable precast concrete blocks those withstand different climatic conditions. 

These kerbs and precast concrete blocks are available in different colors, dimensions, shapes, and sizes to fulfill the wide needs of clients. Are you looking for Precast concrete kerb tones at cost-effective prices? Then SMR Precast is the best place for precast concrete kerb stones in Hyderabad”. Founder of SMR Precast, one of the prominent Kerb stone Manufacturers, Wholesale Suppliers in Hyderabad

Beautify your indoor and outdoor areas with SMR Precast’s kerbstones in Hyderabad. For kerbstone prices in Hyderabad, Call Or WhatsApp +91 831-758-9548.

Advantageable Features of Our Kerbs and concrete blocks:

  1. Simple design
  2. Smooth finish
  3. Smooth Surface
  4. Weatherproof
  5. Easy installation
  6. Low maintenance
  7. High impact resistance
  8. Easily erected
  9. Less space required
  10. Reliability
  11. Fine finishing
  12. Cost-effective 
  13. Plastering not required
  14. High strength
  15. Low maintenance
  16. Good compressive stress
  17. Attractive in colour
  18. Visible in poor light conditions
  19. Lighter weight material
  20. Desired shapes (Round/Rectangular)
  21. No labour needed
  22. Space saving

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Why Choose SMR Precast Concrete Benches in Hyderabad?

  • Delivered in a variety of kerb stone and concrete blocks sizes and shapes
  • Availability in custom designs
  • Quality proven array of kerbs stones and precast concrete blocks
  • We are one of the largest manufacturers of kerbs stones in Hyderabad India
  • Client specifications based kerbs stones suppliers
  • Able to choose your kerbs design, shape, and sizes from our detailed catalog
  • The affordable price range for all types of kerb stones and concrete blocks
  • Manufactured with high-quality raw materials 
  • High shelf life with low maintenance
  • Easy to install and maintain, use
  • Easy payment option
  • Timely delivery
  • No hidden charges
  • Low delivery charges
  • Resistant to wide range of Weather conditions

Choose your kerbstone design, colour, sizes, and shapes from our catalog list to beautify your home, patios, and gardens indoors or out. Add aesthetic value to your property indoors and out. Save your time now. Get the Best Deal from Kerbstone manufacturer in Hyderabad now!



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