Kerbstones Manufacturers Suppliers Hyderabad: SMR Precast is the Best Kerbstones Supplier With High Standard Quality This is a pre-casted kerbstone for light-duty and Heavy-duty it is a Rectangle type curb used in Outdoor Areas like Sidewalkers places, Pathways to prevent traffic.

Kerbstones in Hyderabad
Kerbstones in Hyderabad

Outdoor Rcc Curbstones Suppliers in Hyderabad|Kerbstones Manufacturers Suppliers Hyderabad

We are the best kerbstones in Secundrabad Smr Precast Providing Concrete stones with Durable and High-Quality Material Smr Precast is one of the leading Manufacturers and Supplier,Best RCC Kerbstones Hyderabad

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Piece
  • Size: 300 mm 12 inches x 600 mm 24 inches x 100 mm 4 Inches
  • UsageFlooringThickness100 mm
  • FormBlockSurface Treatmentearth
  • surface weight: (kg)45 Forty kgs
  • Bottom Diameter (mm):100mm
  • FinishingRubber: mold finish
  • surface Finishing: good
  • Colour: grey, dark Grey
  • Brand: SMR Precast
  • Material: Rcc Precast concrete


2 Feet” lenght″

Heigh, 12 inches″

Wide, 3 ft long. (600mm x 300mm x 100mm)

Our kerbstones Have Different colors and different styles such as split finishes, tumbled, sawn edges, and.

Kerbstones Have Different Types and sizes:

half battered curb

full battered curb

Garden Kerbstones

Additional Information:

  • Product Code: 01
  • Pay Mode Modes: Bank Transfer, Cheque
  • Dispatch from: Hyderabad
  • Production Capacity: 1000 curbs
  • Delivery Time: Four 4 days
  • Packaging Details: Transport

Rcc Precast Kerbstones

We have different types shapes and sizes of Kerbstones in Hyderabad, we have two sizes big or small. These Concrete Kerbs Have a Smooth Finish and high strength with a Grey color

Kerb Stone has Different Types

Those are

flush kerbstones,

railing kerbstones,

cement kerbstones,

precast kerbstones

RCC kerbstones.

Garden kerbstones

Concrete Kerbstones

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Kerbstones Manufacturers Suppliers Hyderabad: Transform your space with the durable and versatile RCC Concrete Kerbstones. Elevate your landscaping game with these sleek, sturdy kerbstones that not only define boundaries but also add a touch of elegance to any outdoor area. Say goodbye to frequent replacements as these kerbstones are built to withstand the test of time and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings. Upgrade your landscape today with RCC Concrete Kerbstones!